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Aug. 1-3, NYC: Writer’s Digest Conference

The craft and business of being a writer

Writers Digest conference logoThe Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, taking place in New York City in a few weeks, is for literary writers of all experience levels, published, unpublished, or self-published. According to the event’s website, the conference program is “designed to give (writers) a balanced education in both the craft and the business of being a writer, in an encouraging and inspiring environment.” Read More


Infusion of Creativity—WordCamp Asheville

logo for WordCamp

WordCamp logo

Discovering WordCamp

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my very first WordCamp, held in Asheville, NC. Three months ago, I didn’t know what WordCamp was. I have a friend who’s a Website designer. Since I dabble into the design and function of my Website and sometimes run into issues trying to make something happen in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), I often turn to her. She’s given me lots of great advice. But she knows I want to learn this myself, and sometimes I fear I’m bothering her with something the most basic of WordPress.org bloggers should already know. Read More


Will a Writing Group Improve Your Writing?

Too much pressure?

writing group 3 by Adam Tinworth flickrI hemmed and hawed about joining a writing group for years. I wanted to, because I felt it would push me to write more and write better. But I had long periods where I couldn’t seem to write, at least not anything I thought was decent. I felt that the pressure of a writing group would be counterproductive and would result in my feeling worse about my writing than before.

Yet I saw other writers talking about how such groups helped them finish their novels.

If you have hesitated, like me, afraid of the pressure, then work on finding or starting a writing group that gives as much support as criticism. Read More


Criticism: It only hurts for a little while (like a root canal)

manuscript 2Feedback, direct or indirect

At some point in the writing process, you’re going to have to accept some criticism, either direct or indirect. By direct I mean from your writing group or beta readers (if you have them), your editor (if you’ve hired one), your agent (if you’re good enough that one takes you on), or the editors at your publishing house (if you can get in the door).

You don’t have to go through that process at all, of course—after all, mainstream publishing is now represented by merely a handful of gatekeepers, and they’re not looking out for your best interests, right? Or so the self-publishing mavens say. So self-publish, get your book out there, and skip all these steps. Then wait for the sales and rave reviews to pour in. And wait. And wait. Read More


No guarantee

NYPL books 3 020113I named my blog “Write.Edit.Share.Repeat” because I wanted to encourage everyone to write, to make their work as perfect as they could, to share it with others (self-publish, if you can’t get a deal with a mainstream publisher), and then to keep going. When I tell people, “If you want to write, just write,” I mean it.

But everyone has limitations. I struggle with writing, myself, and more than half of the time I don’t like what has emerged on the paper or screen. You have to write, edit, revise, edit, revise. No book you see on a shelf in a bookstore was a first draft. Read More


Five solutions for avoiding distractions

This is important . . . read it now!

Hopefully others who work for themselves can identify with this. When I’m supposed to be working, or when I’m supposed to shut down and go to sleep, I sometimes find myself doing other things, all of which feel very important at the time. I’ll read a blog about economics or watch how-to YouTube videos about things I want to learn . . . and thirty minutes later find myself numbly watching yet another sappy video of a guy “creatively” proposing to his girlfriend.

The educational videos are more valuable than the proposal videos, but all of them are time suckers. When I finally go to bed, I sometimes carry guilt about all the things I could have or should have accomplished that day.

There is a happy medium between self-acceptance (there are just 24 hours in every day) and better discipline (it’s easy to waste a lot of those hours).  Read More


Are you overusing capitals?

caps key 1Misplaced apostrophes (which other editing and writing blogs have gone on about ad infinitum) are one of my pet peeves, but there’s another kind of writing “crime” that gets to me: excessive, yet often random, capitalization. I am not sure how things got so bad, but it was probably someone’s misplaced effort to write “politely” and to honor folks with their correct titles, even though there was no reason why those titles needed to be capitalized. Even the president of the United States does not get capitalized in normal text, unless “President” is followed by “Obama” or is used in place of his name: “Mr. President, Putin is on the line.” Read More


Let it go, already!

worriedmomI finished proofreading a manuscript recently and handed it in to the publisher I was working for. And then I started to get my usual bout of nerves about what kind of job I did. Did I find everything? Did I overstep my bounds? Did I insert my opinion too much and change things that did not need to be changed?

Sometimes as a proofreader I spot something in the book that’s wrong, and I have to point it out. Read More


Learning scary new technology

I spent the last two evenings learning how to make videos of processes I’m doing on my computer, and how to add music and/or my own voice, in order to make some how-to videos for clients and anyone who needs them.

EZVID logoI’m using a free program called “EZVID,” which so far is doing what it claimed it could do. I announced my first “successful” attempts on Twitter late last night, but on review in the light of day, they were not that well done and I was not happy with my voice and the music behind it. I felt my music choice wasn’t quite right, and I wanted to work harder at matching my narrative to my actions. Still, I was nearly there, and I’ll probably have a better video by tomorrow. Read More



NoNoWriMo ButtonI just signed in to NaNoWriMo. I wasn’t going to do it. I still don’t know if I’m going to do it. It’s a heartwrenching, anxiety-inducing notion that I can write 50,000 words in one month, let alone an actual story. As one writer on the site declared, November brings “Th-angst-giving.”

Is there any writer out there who does not know what NaNoWriMo is? Read More