Sad typo is sad (from vacation)

My husband Paul and I were on vacation in Spain and then Dublin over the last two weeks. I was still keeping an occasional eye peeled for a good typo.

For the first part of the trip, I figured that most of the signs would be in Spanish, so either typos wouldn’t be noticeable (I only speak and read a little Spanish), or, if a sign was in English, it would have been written by a non-native speaker. Although I think everything should be proofed and  produced error free, I’m not going to give anyone a hard time for a mistake in a foreign language.

However, the town we were staying in, Benalmádena, on the Mediterranean, turned out to have a large population of British transplants, while many other UK folks were there on vacation. Bars, restaurants and stores all over the town were run by Brits and a lot of the signs were only in English. So while we were waiting for our toasties–battling flies and cigarette smoke–I felt justified in snapping a photo of the sign outside a little seaside pub.

I was enjoying myself too much to spend too much time looking for typos. When I return to work on Tuesday, I’ll continue my quest.