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I announced yesterday (well, actually, I’ve already announced it on Twitter and Facebook) that the Long Island branch of the Editorial Freelancers Association is meeting in Port Jefferson tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 20, 1-3 pm at Panera Bread, 4959 Nesconset Hwy, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776, in the private meeting room).

Other upcoming events of interest include the 2014 Brooklyn Book Festival, at which I’ll be manning the EFA information booth on Sunday, and the Communication Central Conference, which I’m attending in Rochester next weekend. I’ve already written about the CCC, a conference I have attended twice before and love coming back to.

I really like working from home, but I need to get out frequently and connect with other people—hence these meetings, festivals and conferences. It inspires me, it gives me support when times are slow and I feel negative, and it allows me to give some support, too. Plus, I usually learn something new, and I get to make new connections or reconnect with folks I haven’t seen in a while.

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming events.