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Variety of services at Arzooman Editorial

Example_of_copyedited_manuscriptWhat I edit

I don’t know how many copyeditors work in just one genre (I suspect very few), but as far as my business (Arzooman Editorial Services) is concerned, I work in a variety of styles and genres.

I’m currently editing a non-fiction book about fighting diabetes, but the last book I worked on was fiction, a thriller about a serial killer.

It’s always inspiring to read a good book. In the few cases where a book is not as well written, I like the challenge of nudging the text a bit for clarity while maintaining the author’s voice. I hope I provide enough gentle guidance that the writer doesn’t feel bad about a couple of red marks. Finding an experienced editor can be a challenge for authors, so I do my best to instill confidence and not overstep any bounds. The book is the author’s baby, not mine; I’m only taking care of it for a little while.

My favorite genre?

In my non-working life I rarely read science fiction, and I lean toward literary fiction or realistic fiction with an occasion dusting of magical realism. But I savor any book that’s entertaining, even pastel-jacketed chick lit.

While I could set myself up as a specialist, the principles of good writing apply across genres—so that’s hardly necessary. l edit mainstream fiction and non-fiction, and also medical, scientific, or technical material.

New skills and services

Over the last few months, I’ve added a few new skills to my repertoire while continuing to offer copyediting and proofreading as my main services.

For authors and business owners, I now offer social media marketing, newsletter creation and writing, ghost blogging, and website creation using WordPress templates customized for every client.

Lower rates for followers

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter followers get a 15% discount on my rates—just let me know where you found me. And if you are a member of a writing group, I offer 20% off. For a basic idea of rates, click here.

I enjoy being creative, whether that means writing a blog, creating a website, or smoothing out the rough edges on a book. Being part of the process, as writers see their books to print, is personally satisfying. I always hope my small part, my tiny bit of creativity against the greater genius of the writer, helps. It’s a joy to see that in spite of all the changes in the world and all the modern advances, people still love to read.


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Picture credit: “Example of copyedited manuscript” by Phoebe — Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons — http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Example_of_copyedited_manuscript.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Example_of_copyedited_manuscript.jpg